Duran Duran lose High Court copyright battle

Pop group Duran Duran lose a court battle to reclaim US rights to some of their most famous songs.
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Air smiles

An American businessman has launched an online offer to donate his air miles to people who can’t afford to fly home for Christmas
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Harry Kane: Tottenham striker signs new contract until 2022

England striker Harry Kane signs a new deal with Tottenham that will tie him to the club until 2022.
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The octogenarians who do the splits

In Sun City, USA, a group of woman aged 55-84 have formed a cheerleading and marching squad.
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Honest John's Motoring Agony Column 01-01-2016

Honest John’s New Year yelpings include soaked seats, stall stories, exchanges of fluids, weatherproofing, lubrication, lessoning the cost of insurance and loads more that exceeded the GVW of Telegraph Cars.
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Crime Severity Score measures 'relative harm' of crimes

A new way of measuring crime has been devised which ranks offences according to how serious they are.
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RBS biggest failure in Bank of England stress test

RBS performs worst in tests on how the UK’s biggest lenders would cope with a global economic crash.
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Government tells companies to justify executive pay rates

The government is to outline moves to make companies justify high levels of executive pay.
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Gustav Mahler manuscript breaks record at Sotheby's with £4.5m

A handwritten by Gustav Mahler manuscript fetches a record-breaking £4.5m at auction.
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Motorist stopped over sofa sticking out of boot

Police stop a driver after spotting a sofa precariously hanging out the back of a sports car on a busy road.
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